Some Beauty In These Sad Times

Over the summer, Offspring #2 and I visited Paris- her reward for the eight hours of French tutoring she endured weekly upon our move to Montreàl. As it always is when tragedy hits a place you know, there`s a certain connection to the people and the places one feels. I felt sick when I saw the picture of Le Carillon- the place we enjoyed so much on our visit. Our waiter who tried so hard to speak English when he heard our attempts at French, the two men behind us, teaching each other French and Japanese using English as a common denominator, the little girl who escaped her mother`s hand to ask for a taste of my smoothie. I hope they are all safe.

So, instead of my usual- a peaceful, beautiful setting to look at.

Ginkgo trees.














Peace people.

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8 Responses to Some Beauty In These Sad Times

  1. Ali says:



  2. thegannans says:

    Nice post, Emily. It is a pity that it had to be made at all.


  3. merquin says:

    Beautiful trees.


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