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No Matter What Country You’re In…

parents are embarrassing. Even when not trying. Like swimming parents, track parents must camp out for days waiting for the seconds Junior will either sprint, lope or lumber by. Spouse and I have become experts in the years that the … Continue reading

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The New Normal

The Offspring headed off for school an hour earlier with a drag in their step and cacophony of complaints on their lips as I merrily pushed them out the door to catch the bus for the first day back. Having … Continue reading

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The “M” Series: Misrepresentation or Mute

A family can move from one country to the next but one element remains consistent. The teenager that left one country is the same teenager that arrives in the next- welcome to another installment of the “M” series – so … Continue reading

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Ladies Start Your Engines- Culture Lesson #9

13 million people live in Tokyo, roughly half are women. Every week day morning, millions of these women put on a suit, make up, high heels, wrap a scarf around the neck, walk outside, and tear off to work riding … Continue reading

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The “M” Series: Mortification

The age of awareness is a terrible thing. Especially when you are Offspring #1 or 2 in the Clampett family and become aware that Spouse and I are your parents- forever. We were otherwise engaged- not to eachother- but with … Continue reading

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“M” Series Cont’d: Manic- Is it Me, My Spouse or a Middle Schooler?

The “M” Series: All of us with teenagers of a certain age are used to certain characteristics exhibited by these cretins, specifically a lack of motivation for academia, an inability to plan, and an unwillingness to accept advice from eager, … Continue reading

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The “M” Series Cont’d: Can a Mouse Save a Moody Middle Schooler?

The “M” Series: Culture shock Phase 3 has set in for Offspring #1. Any one who lives with or ever was a hormone infused teenager knows that drastic hormonal swings crossed with culture shock leads to a chemical and potentially … Continue reading

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Moving Meltdowns: The “M” Series

Cycle 1: Moving, Middle School, Militant, Moody, Morose, Morbid, Mournful, Mopey Rinse with Tears Cycle 2: Magic, Magnificent, Mature, Memorable, Monumental, Metamorphosis Repeat Offspring #2 is a chip off the Spousal block. I incubated and gave her a feature readily … Continue reading

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