The Children at Taya Cavern

Unfortunately for any of you still reading this blog, I have figured out the ICloud. Which means I`ve been looking through thousands of pictures, which I will now force upon you. Hopefully it won`t be as bad as looking at baby pictures or reading Christmas cards that come with a summary of the year`s (uninteresting to me) events. However, if after this post I lose a few subscribers I`ll understand that several of you would have preferred I keep my pictures to myself. Touché.

SO- my last blog post was about Taya Cavern. I didn`t include this part in that post because there`s nothing funny about it. Upon entrance to the caves, there are thousands of these Jizo Statues- each representing a dead child. Personalized in different ways, it`s a heart-wrenching display.

Here are a few:














Rest in Peace sweet ones.





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8 Responses to The Children at Taya Cavern

  1. Mary Kay says:

    beautiful, heart wrenching.


  2. Linda Barnhart says:

    I am very happy to got on these virtual (to me) travels with you! Keep them coming.


  3. Very touching. I remember thinking the same thought about the statues lining walkways in Japan with red velvet capes tied to them, living in a mossy, verdant place. Thanks for the memory leap. It’s now been over 20 years since I lived in Japan. So many memories. Hope you are well.


  4. thegannans says:

    I like this post, Emily. Sad yes, but for the parents and grandparents of these little ones a source of comfort, I would think. I also note that you say you have “Cracked the Cloud”. The cloud cracked here yesterday and we have had lots of rain. Need more though. Back to subject. I have not found stuff that has allegedly gone into the “Cloud”. Looking forward to seeing what you manage to pull out of the cloud. Good luck. Paul


  5. These statues are so touching. Are they placed in this cavern by the child’s family as a kind of memorial?


    • Yes- and for prayers/ offerings from the dieties that reside at that shrine. There are a few scattered through out Japan- one in Kamakura has toys- I find that one the most heart wrenching. Shrines usually have a specific “theme” they are known for- so people will travel to them for that particular reason.


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