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It’s That Time of Year Again- Cherry Blossom Season

My annual emergence from MIA status usually coincides with Cherry Blossom Season, also known more commonly as Easter Season. Inspired by the fleeting nature of the cherry blossoms, sakura, and the boisterous celebrations of hanami – cherry blossom viewing- in … Continue reading

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My Corporate Failure and Cherry Blossoms

“Hanami” (flower viewing) season is a time when normal activity in Japan stops so everyone can hurry to their favorite sakura spot in order to lie under the cherry blossoms drinking sake, debating life`s mysteries with friends, or navel gazing … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Viewing- A “How To” Guide for the Novice

I`ve been remiss as a blogger covering Japan given my lack of attention to “Hanami”- loosely translated as “viewing of cherry blossoms.” I`ve felt a hesitation to do so given the ubiquitous coverage and adoration piled upon the petaled pink … Continue reading

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A Birthday Celebrated at Jindai-Ji Temple- Japan

In the immortal words of Stevie Wonder celebrated in Song- “Happy Birthday Bud-dha, Happy Birthday Bud-dha, Happy Birth…day!” According to “experts” April 8th is the big day for Budhha. Not knowing much about the most righteous Buddha or any of … Continue reading

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