A Re-Cap- The Previous Year in 7 Posts

One of the awards I enjoy when other bloggers are basking in its radiance is the “7 Posts” Award. This esteemed and coveted honor famed in blogging lore requires the author to highlight 7 posts of note- or not- depending on the category. Lisa of “Notes From Africa,” recently bequeathed this gift to me. In reading Lisa`s choices from her own site I realized that until her blog got my attention, Africa was dead last on my list of places to visit.

So- here we go:

1) Most Beautiful- Alas, nary a beautiful post in my entire repertoire. But, there is one that a few people found funnier than usual. “Upheaval in the Hood- Are You Safe in Japan?”

2) Most Popular- the post on the earthquake in Japan garnered me much undeserved attention, “We`re Being Shaken and Stirred in Japan.” When this post was written, the internet was the only working means of communication in Japan.

3) Most Controversial: Without a doubt, this post rankled lots of feathers. “Is My Muffin Top More Deadly Than Radiation,” led some to believe I was suffering from radiation poisoning when it was written.

4) Most Helpful: In general I`m not a very helpful person, however, this I know. “Confessions of a Light Packer- A Guide.” Nuff said.

5) Surprisingly Successful: Whenever I observe a long line of people I always investigate in spite of the State Department`s advice to avoid such gatherings as it might be a good opportunity for a terrorist seeking a detonation spot.  This post describes my proclivity to see what`s going on no matter what the consequences….. “A Food Peep Show.”

6) Most Underrated: Whenever I think about this episode in my life, I laugh. Heartily. This was one of my first few posts and perhaps underrated because it lacked a catchy title, “Culture Lesson Number 1.” Don’t you just want to jump right in to that one? You`ll gag and laugh at the same time.

7) Post I`m Most Proud Of: This post highlights what every ExPat feels at some point- a battle with homesickness. In this case, the antidote turned out to be extremely ineffectual. “Can a Mouse Save a Middle Schooler?

Now comes the part where I highlight other blog sites.

One of my go-to blogs every morning with coffee is Tori from “The Ramblings.” In “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. A Picture Just Barely Covers it.” Tori transcribes her whacky vacation in words and pictures while we are transported with her. Always funny.

Another of my “Must See” blogs belongs to Piper Bayard and her writing partner Holmes. Piper`s “The End is Near and We Deserve It” series covers topics from the blogosphere that range from the ridiculous to the educational. “The End is Near and We Deserve It- Genetically Modified Cows Produce Human Breast Milk,” is one example of the interesting topics Piper finds-somehow. Always an interesting read.

And finally, Kristen Lamb`s blog teaches novices and experts improved writing skills, provides blogging tips so that people will want more, and explains Twitter so it can be used for good not evil. All the while delivering a laugh or two.

Again, thanks to Lisa at “Notes from Africa” for the nod. Now go see these other blogs while I get my act together and start writing again!

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25 Responses to A Re-Cap- The Previous Year in 7 Posts

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts. Excellent choices all around. And for the record, I believe the first post of yours that I read was “Culture Lesson Number 1.” Maybe its not about the title, or maybe I’m just baka.


  2. Ah, yes, that packing post should have helped me. I’m sure it helped many. But clearly, I’m hopeless! It’s sad–pathetic, even. But anyone who needs to join Over-Packers Anonymous needs to read that post. (Note, I’ve yet to let Sara read that one.)


  3. Tar-Buns says:

    I wondered where you went. Glad to have you back. Tell me more about what’s happening in Japan. Are you stil there?

    Stay well,


    • amblerangel says:

      Hey there- I`ve been trying to keep my kids entertained through out the summer since all their friends vacated to the US temporarily! I should be back in action in the next few days. School starts soon-not soon enough though.


  4. jacquelincangro says:

    A well deserved award, indeed. I’m glad you did this recap as I’d missed some of these posts and enjoyed revisiting them. I think my favorite was Can a Mouse Save a Middleschooler, though I also enjoy the tour guide posts around Japan. It’s always fun to take a look around your world. 🙂


  5. Tori Nelson says:

    I’ve missed your gangsta self. ma’am! Thanks for the shout out, too. I was feeling fat this morning and your compliment is totally helping me forget the extra belly I seem to have woken up with 🙂


  6. Lu says:

    It was wonderful to read through all your 7-Links posts. I do enjoy your style of writing, and parenting 🙂


  7. Piper Bayard says:

    What a wonderful award, to give someone the chance to highlight her best work. When a blogger’s been at it a while, it’s difficult to know where to look to get a more comprehensive picture without something to narrow it down for us readers. I’ll check these out.

    I am 100% honored by the shout out. I was reading along, thinking what a great blog and terrific award idea this was, and then I saw my name. What a treat! Thank you.


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  9. Bob says:

    Wow such a neat concept to wrap up a year in chaos in one simple package.
    Hoping you are still well, Winnipeg loves you!
    Take care and forage on.


  10. I love the idea of seven links and will catch up reading on them after my move tomorrow. Hope your summer has gone well. I have not been able to post or comment regularly but am looking forward to a more settled fall and reading all the delicious new stuff you have for us!


    • amblerangel says:

      Moving? Uck- I know a thing or two about that…. Same with me- as soon as the hooligans are safely ensconced in school I`ll be on my regular schedule. For now I`m just limping in to the finish line….


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  12. Great choices for your 7 links! Will be checking out your award nominees.


  13. Dana says:

    Finally getting a chance to read these. I love this award and really enjoyed all of the posts you selected! Maybe some day soon I’ll have a chance to select my own seven… 🙂


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