An American Experience in Tokyo- Costco

I love to see American products packaged for the Japanese. Costco is becoming one of the most recognizable American discount warehouse stores. Whenever the toilet paper runs low, it’s time for a Costco run. The last time, as I took pictures, the store manager decided I was up to no good and attempted to put an end to my picture-taking. I put away the camera only to take it out and snap shots from the waist thereafter.

The building looked like all the Costcos in the US- inside and out.

The Sushi selection gave it away as Japanese

Especially this section.

Several choices of  (1) white mama cheris identified this as a Japanese Costco.

It wouldn’t be a Costco without a Tire Center- and they’re all free!

Some interesting dance clothes for sale.

The Japanese don’t have many OTC drug choices- and it shows in the miniscule Pharmacy. The pharmacist is on the ladder looking busy for the picture.

Here was the biggest difference-efficiency- NO LINE!

And then- DELIVERY SERVICE! alleluia! A new reason to love Costco. For some reason the service is called the Flying Pig.

I believe many of you will recognize this- strangely not one Japanese item on the menu.

And finally- Japanese ingenuity –  the cart going up the cart escalator. Nothing can make the cart roll backwards. Amazing.

Finally- Costco pre-made Bulgogi- Korean barbeque-only in Japan.

Hummm- could the Japanese version of an American classic have surpassed the original? I think so.


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12 Responses to An American Experience in Tokyo- Costco

  1. Michi says:

    I miss Costco so much!!!


  2. Bob says:

    That is so cool, here in Winnipeg one can’t even find a cart that moves in a straight line let alone up hill without crushing the operator. I had to giggle at the lunch counter, same western selections the world round I guess. Do they even know what a hot dog is? Do they assume it’s someone’s pet?

    Too funny, guess it’s a little slice of home when your knee deep in someone else’s culture.


  3. Great pics of the Japanese Costco.


  4. awesome post! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Great idea for a post! However, I’m having to read it from my phone, so I’m missing the photos! Damn! Will try again later on my laptop.
    From Haiti,


  6. Vintage Mint says:

    I loved visiting the Costco in Yokohama (Kanazawa-Bunko store) when I was there Oct 2009. Dead give away that we were in a Japanese Costco was definitely the efficiency and cleanliness. And I loved those bicycles! I so wanted to take one home. I’m surprised you were able to take so many photos; they busted me after my 3rd or 4th photo. (And by “busted” I mean they politely asked me to put away my camera and thanked me). Thanks for sharing these!


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