A Walk Through Yoyogi Park

Apparently, “enjoying the scenery” along the way is a life lesson still yet to learn as somewhere between my 10k training days 8 and 10, on loop 46 or 47, I noticed the roses in full bloom at Yoyogi Park. During a break in the rain, I took the camera on a Starbuck’s run to see what else I’d missed.

Below is one of the entrances to Yoyogi and the Homeless’ favorite cooking spot. The Homeless keep Yoyogi Park spotless while the authorities look the other way in exchange for their “invisible village” in the back.

Just beyond is the Rose Garden. Whenever I just don’t feel like putting on my running shoes I remember these folks in the vests, one member of each pair is blind.

This man is not looking for a lost child or cultivating medicinal marijuana plants; he’s grooming the roses.

Heading out of the park toward Harajuku station and the Meiji Shrine, the crowd starts to get more entertaining. The women in the back left is a pink “Lolita”- she’s dressed as a doll.  The teenager is on a combination of skateboard/skate which are two separate pieces. Thus far Offspring #1 hasn’t seen these or I’m sure we’d have seen another trip to the ER this year.

AAHHH- a healing session. Although a general overall tune up type healing session would do a world of good, the line was too long.

Along the way, I took note of what is becoming the latest fad. Short flouncy, lace like skirts, shorts, high sock tights, and boots. From my lips – the fashion harbinger of Tokyo- to your eyes- please enjoy the new the summer look.

The Japanese work the accessories hard- both live and man-made. When it comes to dogs, they accessorize their accessories. This is one of the few dogs without clothes, however, the hair style completes the look.

By the way, this dog is a poodle and she bore an uncanny resemblance to her owner.

The Japanese don’t expose skin to the sun, no matter how hot the temperature. On a bright day, parasols are out, women wear hats, and many cover arms and hands with long gloves. Interestingly, most don’t wear sunglasses probably because they mask eye expression and movement.

Emiel van Boomen  from the “Act of Traveling” wrote a post about exploring side streets when traveling. He advised one to go out of the hotel and take a right down the first street. It is truly down those streets where the gems are located.

Apparently even Starbucks knows this….

Next time, “who’s” in my neighborhood…..

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21 Responses to A Walk Through Yoyogi Park

  1. You have a future in photographing “street fashion” – that’s a good photo! Thanks for showing us some Tokyo greenery.


  2. Moses says:

    Amazing photos !


  3. As you might expect–I find the dog darling. However, I can’t imagine an owner resembling the poodle and remaining even remotely human!

    I also love seeing what passes for fashion on Tokyo streets!



  4. mairedubhtx says:

    Beautiful photos.


  5. Tori Nelson says:

    Lady friend, these pictures are wonderful. And if I cared just a little (barely) less about showing my rear in public, I would totally rock the lacy underpants skirt look in the cow fields of Tennessee 🙂


  6. Love the photos of the park (beautiful artwork at the entrance) and especially the roses!

    “It is truly down those streets where the gems are located.” I had to read this twice…thought it said “germs”!

    Thanks for the tour, Emily!



  7. jacquelincangro says:

    All of that in one park?!? Never a dull moment there, I’d say.

    I think those skateboards are cool (not that you’d ever find me on one), but so unusual. My nephew would probably like them.


  8. sweffling says:

    Fascinating to see these ‘everyday’ photos, not that they are ‘pedestrian’ in any sense of the word! (Apologies, could not resist). Lovely post, thanks.


  9. Michi says:

    Yup, I’m convinced that I would thrive in Japan. Minus the Lolita outfits, I’m totally digging the geeky styles! And I’m on the look-out for summer umbrellas!


  10. Piper Bayard says:

    I love the pictures! I wish we could make the same deal with the homeless folks here. Also, I wonder if the short skirt/long socks fashion is copying the anime characters. Thanks for sharing your pictures and information. I love you blog.


    • amblerangel says:

      Thanks so much Piper! There are many types of character copies for anime and manga characters on Sundays but getting pictures of them is very difficult. The teenagers leave their “costumes” in lockers in the train stations, change, walk around in character, change, and go home. I have a few pics- when I get a good collection I’ll do a post but since the Japanese are basically shy they don’t readily agree to having their picture taken. To me it’s one of the most entertaining bits of living here! It actually would be several posts….Stay tuned!


  11. Dana says:

    Aaahhh… that picture of the healing session is healing just to look at! It’s just what I needed to see after another long day down at the Harbour. Thank you!


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