It’s That Time of Year Again- Cherry Blossom Season

My annual emergence from MIA status usually coincides with Cherry Blossom Season, also known more commonly as Easter Season. Inspired by the fleeting nature of the cherry blossoms, sakura, and the boisterous celebrations of hanami – cherry blossom viewing- in Japan, I have to add my pics to the pile. The sakura season gives everyone an excuse to send the low man on the totem pole from the office to the park with a blue tarp in order to save a spot for everyone else. Eventually the rest of the gang will show up with food and drinks for a picnic under the blooms.

The Japanese have a phrase for these short-lived bursts of something like the two to three-week cherry blossom season- mono no aware, or “the pathos of things.” An awareness and appreciation for something’s impermanence along with the vaguely sad feeling of knowing won’t be around for long. For those of you who don’t get a kick out of flowers and trees, you may feel the same thing when your grown kids come home- it’s great to see them come, and, it’s sad to see them leave. Well, at least until  the grocery bill drops back to affordable and you’re not having to gas up the car every day. (Offspring #1 and 2— are you reading? If so, JK, I cry my eyes out every day that you’re gone- and your Dad cries harder)

So, for those of us who aren’t surrounded by a Dayger opportunity (i.e. daytime rager, big party during the day) following are a few pics and a link to a newspaper article with amazing shots. I thought the Indiana Times had a nice round up of pics we’re not used to seeing. (My friend Emil has made more aware of taking the “usual touristy pictures,”  and these from Indiana Times are a more unique view.) Emiel’s blog and pics are at

I’m feeling a little “mono no aware” that I’m not sitting on a blue tarp, underneath a cherry tree in Yoyogi Park, fighting the pterodactyl sized- crows for my sembei crackers, dried squid, and sparkling sake!

Have a great weekend no matter what you’re celebrating!

The Ubiquitous picture from Meguro


Any Cheap Trick Fans out there? This is “Budokan” from the so named album. Some of you may recognize this as the moat surrounding the Imperial Palace in Tokyo….


Hanami in Yoyogi Park






Some of the best Cherry Blossoms- sakura- are in the Aoyama Cemetery in central Tokyo


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28 Responses to It’s That Time of Year Again- Cherry Blossom Season

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  2. Barbara Tungate says:

    Way too long time no hear, and gratified you’re still the readable writer you are. The Cherry Blossoms are luscious, short-lived though they may be. Our Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush are hitting the roads along with Azaleas for days. I’d imagine Red Clover is doing much the same in Alabama, Dogwood in Georgia and the Carolinas, Every little bit of this planet seems to have its own personal decoration style. Thanks for sharing some of it with us!


    • Well hey there Barbara! Thanks so much- I’ve just finished my book- years- in the making so I’ve not had any head space for the blogging. But I’m back. Gosh, to me, the bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush are the absolute most beautiful when they bloom. I think the rattlesnakes think so too!

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  3. Good to see you back here! Yes, in a number of Japanese paintings and film, falling cherry blossoms are associated with the life of a samurai: for a short time, brilliant and pleasing to the eye, but gone with just a blast of wind. My mother used to say everyone remembered the day I was born because it coincided with cherry blossom season. She’s now gone, and I’m the “grandma” in the family. It is “mono no aware,” but it makes me appreciate the present even more. I hope you party in the daytime with your kids out of the house!


    • Haha that made me laugh out loud! So good to see your “face”!! Time flies does it not? You’re a grandma and I’m an empty nester. Hated to hear of the angst with your day job- but am so glad that people like you are patient enough to do it- and do the right thing. I’ll be reading along!

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  4. Paul Gannan says:

    G’day Emily, Long time no hear. Lovely pictures. It is nice to see that some parts of the world are coming alive, while ours is preparing to go to sleep for the winter. My offspring did not make it home this Easter and I like the way you described their effect on yourself when yours come home.


  5. Beautiful photos! I think we have another week or two before the cherry blossoms bloom.

    P.S. — “Dayger” Ha! That’s a new one for me.


  6. rhyanadams says:

    I love cherry blossoms! They’re so pretty, good job!

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  7. Beautiful cherry blossoms.. soon I will be able to see it.. so excited


  8. Great photos of the cherry blossoms!


  9. Andrew Comte says:

    Very informative. I did not know the season was so short. Lovely pictures!


  10. “Hanami” Cherry Blossom viewing season really seems like such a magical time to visit Japan!


  11. lifeofshar says:

    wow such pretty pictures!!


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