Kawaii Construction- I Need This in My Neighborhood

There`s construction going on in my neighborhood. It`s noisy, dusty, and worst all it makes my dogs bark. This is a problem for all the neighbors because they also hear the construction, the dogs barking, and me yelling “Shut up” through out the day. It makes me long for “Kawaii construction.” The “cute” construction that has been adopted by the Japanese. Although Tokyo is a city under constant renovation, I was distracted by the kawaii factor and didn`t seem to notice.

So, here are a few thoughts for the city of San Diego:

  1. All construction cones should be separated by boxed  tulips. The “no photography” sign I took to be directed at others, not people like me ready to share this as a best practice.


2. Hide the construction with some artwork that reminds me of walking along a tree-lined avenue.


3. Plants soften both a room and a construction wall.



4) By now, this wall is probably completely overgrown with greenery. Another good idea.


5) Sometimes so realistic, a “watch out for deer”sign is necessary. We don`t have to start out with such lofty goals. Something to strive for.



6) The Japanese aren`t afraid to make a construction wall a piece of art


7) Walking along side of this is almost relaxing-


8) These dolphins could stop traffic with their kawaii factor. We could develop kawaii seals and sea lions – they fit in better around here and are always kawaii.

DSCN2741Bunnies are also very Kawaii….but I haven`t seen any around here.


9) Sometime they hide construction and the morning exercises to get everyone ready for a tough day at work. I`m ok watching the exercisers but I don`t want to see the actual work getting done.


Yep. More Kawaii please San Diego.


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17 Responses to Kawaii Construction- I Need This in My Neighborhood

  1. Even Japanese construction sounds amazing. The more I read the more excited I get about making it my potential new home.

    Great post!


  2. Dana says:

    I love San Diego!! I’ve only been there for a week before, but I adored every second of it there. (Probably minus the construction…)


  3. Bob says:

    I’m confused, I thought you moved?


  4. Japan – so interesting! Thanks for sharing, I never knew such a thing existed. What a brilliant idea of making mundane construction sites more tolerable (or interesting..) for the passers-by!


  5. Day's Lee says:

    I wish Montreal would do this. All we see are those orange cones and they’re everywhere!


  6. The bunnies are a nice touch. Here, pretty much all of the efforts of construction beautification would be covered in graffiti tags within 24 hours.


  7. RH says:

    Too bad you didn’t have a picture of a site at night when the cones are lit up with Christmas lights!


  8. thegannans says:

    G’day. I was in Singapore during 1969-71. At that time Singapore was a rather large construction sight and really a bit of an eyesore. However the Queen of England and the Commonwealth was about to visit and it seemed that almost overnight hoardings went up to hide these sights from Her Majesty and make Singapore and in particular Orchard Road fit for a Queen. There were even viewing windows so that the locals could see what was going on behind these hoardings. And the best part, the hoardings stayed up until the job was completed , and during that time there was no graffiti. Or if there was it was cleaned up before anyone saw it and the miscreants were never seen again. That is something our societies could learn.
    Good to see you back.


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