Just How Rude are You? The Chopstick Test

So folks. I`m headed back to Japan in May and as I get back in to the Genki spirit, I`m going through all the cultural do`s and don`ts that will cause my friends to hit the eject button at the table if stick my chopsticks in my bun after lunch.
In case you failed it the last time, here`s the opportunity to take it again. The Chopstick test. Gambatte!

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

As if the Offspring didn`t cause enough raised eyebrows at home with their barn like behavior at the trough supper table, now the Japanese we encounter while dining have concluded somewhere hidden underneath those clothes is a curly tail. Amidst the smacking, elbows resting on any available surface and incorrect handling of all foreign dining objects, including a fork, my sole remaining hope for improved table manners rests on an over dramatic and disgusted look from an attractive member of the opposite sex.

But I keep trying.

Mushing on in spite of this relentless uphill assault.

Do you belong with my bovine? Test your chopstick chops….

The Chopstick Test

First Scenario

Junko- san and the man of her dreams, Andretti-san, take their place at the counter  for ramen and romance. Andretti-san unwraps the paper from his chopsticks and rubs them together, smoothing off any splinters that appeared when he broke…

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8 Responses to Just How Rude are You? The Chopstick Test

  1. Are you moving back to Japan? Or just heading over for a visit?


  2. YTSL says:

    Ooo, Emily — I’m due to be in Japan in May too! And I also am already thinking of the food I’ll be eating there — though rather than ramen, I’ve been dreaming of sushi and yakitori, and trying some yakitori-style eel innards, etc.! 😉


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