My Corporate Failure and Cherry Blossoms

“Hanami” (flower viewing) season is a time when normal activity in Japan stops so everyone can hurry to their favorite sakura spot in order to lie under the cherry blossoms drinking sake, debating life`s mysteries with friends, or navel gazing in my case reminiscing on my great career failure.

I had great hopes. For twenty years I struggled. I watched others step on my hands as they climbed up the rungs. Ever elusive was my success. My goal just within my reach. I planted and plotted.

Many did what I failed to do.

I was never able to start a corporate buzz word.

I`ve always been an overachiever.

How this could have been? I had such catchy candidates. The cherry blossoms got me thinking again about my corporate failure. Stretched out on the blue tarp swirling the sake in the plastic cup. Thinking. So useful, my buzz words. I could apply them to every circumstance.

Like my HOMAGE to Sakura Season in this Photo MONTAGE. (Montage just makes me laugh when I hear the word so I thought it might lighten the work atmosphere. For me anyway)


The CACOPHANY  of sounds around Naka Meguro during Sakura season was driven by Cherry Blossom flavored Sake. (Discordant sounds at the same time. Think middle school orchestra or the area of the office populated by several cubicles)



A side effect of Sakura flavored Sake is the effect it has on one`s IDIOLECT. (a person`s individual speech pattern. Imagine the fun at the office with this one.) Mine becomes more exaggerated and inappropriate for children after a few rounds of sake.



A few shocking examples that made it.

Vis a vis. I still can`t figure out what that means so I can`t use it. Spouse has tried to explain it to me several times. He`s much smarter than I.


The GESTALT of the cherry blossoms can be magnificent depending on location. (The all time winner of Buzz words- used often and incorrectly)

My MENTOR liked to boat around the moat of the Imperial Palace best during Sakura Season. (My least favorite-I hate being to told what to do)



Who wants to guess what this building is? Hint- Cheap Trick- Live at _______


Now I will leave you with one of my favorite- enduring- MOTIFs- Fuji-san.


My hair has finally reached the right height. I got a hair TSA pat down recently.

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41 Responses to My Corporate Failure and Cherry Blossoms

  1. Paul says:

    My Buzz word is simply “Smile”. Your picture and your commentary have been doing this since I first found your blog. As for Vis a Vis, listen to spouse, one day it will “click” and become “clear”.
    Enjoy your Sake and keep well.


  2. I don’t know if I have buzz word, but I love the pictures of Hanami. My favorite time of year . . . I miss it.


  3. Judy says:

    Your photographs are like a breath of fresh air on a cool, dark and wet morning here in Toronto. Our seasons are obviously a good month behind yours. Can’t wait for flowers!


  4. Hmmm, I don’t use any of these buzz words, now I know why my other colleagues are more successful…


  5. Ashmore says:

    Budokan! The first cassette tape I bought when I turned 16 and got a car. My buzz word was “plethora.” Fun to say and makes for a good punch word when you’re on a rant…I guess I was the only one who thought so.


  6. Barbara Tungate says:

    And then there’s ‘omphaloskepsis’ — a dandy for what you’ve been up to…


  7. The pictures are simply BEAUTIFUL! When I see this, I really get depressed looking at the spring weather here in Germany :/ I would really like to go to Japan one time. I think it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


  8. The Nose says:

    My favorite words from your career?(which was STELLAR) were. “Crudite’ “. And “Spar”

    As when you rightfully advised me, your Hapless Disciple, that it was ill-advised to “Engage in Verbal Sparring” during my medical school interviews—– or with any authority figure (flashback- my Attending said WHAT about ME????!!!!! And that is on my Permanent Record????? That F—king

    Thankfully I had a raw vege tray with which to Ruminate about my ill-timed wit and under-appreciated intelligence.

    Ahhh, maturity. All the better to enjoy with a cup (glass?) of sake

    Cheers! So thankful you pioneered the way (Vanguard?) so I could , well, maybe not make As Many mistakes. You will always be a CEO in eyes!!!


    • Stellar- I hate the F–kg word. Thanks for reminding me. I remember that little incident now that you remind me. Crudite. Who calls vegetables that? Verbal sparring. That must be what we`re doing with our children because they are certainly not talking back.
      I`m glad someone thinks I`m great!


      • Barbara Tungate says:

        A boss type last year issued a memo laced with corpspeak, including ‘I expect you to be operating at maximum throughput.’ Oh my. So very glad I’m not in the corporate world though the retirement would have been nice.


  9. Oh I like that. One I used to hear a lot was choiceful. Don`t see that in a dictionary very often.


  10. john graham says:

    I came to Japan last year to see the cherry blossom. Sadly I got there too soon and it was not yet out in Tokyo, so I went to Kyoto only to find it came out the week before I arrived. Elusive or what?
    Still I had a great trip and your photos help show me what I missed. My buzzword is GrumbleSmiles — go there and look up ” Japan Odyssey” — you will see what I mean.
    Thanks for an excellent blog.


    • Cherry Blossoms are notorious for that. There should be some sort of catchy nickname for that too- I`ll have to think on that….. I`ll take a look at Japan Odyssey- it`s not going to land me in jail is it?


  11. cowgirlyy says:

    Live at Budokon! Tell your spouse I got that right, we used to yell that! (he’s my big bro).

    I love this post, if you want I’ll try to kick off some of these at my work. Except vis a vis, I don’t get that either .


  12. Tar-Buns says:

    Beautiful pictures, great memories. Thank you!


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  14. I’ve always loved sakura, it makes me think of a calmer better place. As for buzz word try supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I just think it’s an amazing word


  15. Buzz word? Hmmmmmmmm Will have to ask Sara if I have one.

    Sorry to have been away so much recently. I’ve been busy moving, moving, moving. We leave for Ecuador two weeks from today!

    I promise an actual post tomorrow! It’s been nearly two months since I’ve written. Yikes!



  16. Montage makes me laugh too; but only because it reminds me of the song from Team America, which then proceeds to play in my head.

    Buzz words are fun, I guess. Maybe it just takes more than words to succeed…

    Beautiful pics, though. First one was gorgeous!


  17. Thanks LW! Unfortunately it does….


  18. All beautiful pictures! So beautiful! greetings from new friends 🙂


  19. sweffling says:

    OK – here’s mine, palimpsest. We used to vie with each other to see how many times we could get this into our lectures!


  20. gogohak says:

    I always want to go to Japan, but never have a chance. After seeing these wonderful photos, I really think I should pay a visit to it next summer. The North-Eastern moat of the Imperial Palace known as Chidorigafuchi is one of the most famous cherry-blossom viewing spot in Tokyo. Crowds gather between Kudanshita and Hanzomon stations to contemplate the snow-white blossoms. If it’s possible, you should visit that as well.


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