Even the Japanese are Excited About Bama!

Well football fans, the Tide is going to the National Championship.


Only diamond ear rings the size of my eyeballs would get me more excited.

Alabama has rabid fans everywhere. And no one, nowhere, nohow, can out cheer  the Japanese. One of my friends from home (Thanks MP!) posted this to my Facebook page.

Let me set the stage.

The video starts with video of the crowd at an unknown sporting event. Everyone is using something with which to make a sound which will drown out the one their neighbor is making.  Kazoos, bamboozles, pom pa dom toodles, and a tom tom or two are blasted at a high decibel level as the crowd cheers- or harasses- their favorite team.

Then, at 1:02, the band breaks in to a rousing rendition of the Alabama fight song. It made me want to run through the crowd in my Alabama cheer leading outfit high fiving and fist bumping. (I can`t lie- My cheer leading outfit in college consisted mainly of outfitting myself with cigarettes and a hot bourbon and coke. I guess that`s why I so enjoy a Japanese baseball game- the liquor and food are free-flowing. But that`s a story for later)

So- without further adieu- here it is.

ROLL TIDE  ya`ll!

Surreal neh?

Made me feel at home – 7,000 miles away from it.

Thanks MP and her Dad!

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19 Responses to Even the Japanese are Excited About Bama!

  1. feltsocute says:

    As a Vandy gal in Tokyo, even I’m a little excited by that, LOL!


  2. Leann Maggart says:

    Emily, I took a look at your blog for the first time tonight, and I must say I’m loving it! Quite impressed. But unfortunately, I can’t love the post above. You know, having a daughter at Notre Dame and paying all that college tuition, I’m going to have to “Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame, Wake up the echoes cheering her name….” You can imagine the rest.


  3. tori nelson says:

    Haha! That’s awesome!


  4. Robin Bradley says:

    Roll Tide Roll !!!!!!!! Oh my gosh…only in Japan! love it.


  5. Ah Emily only you can turn this Canadian tide to Alabama! Love it!


  6. Allyson Ludewig says:

    Em, That is so cool!!!! RTR!


  7. Bob says:

    Go crimson tide!


  8. Awesome Emily! I’m sending this video to a friend who is a huge Bama fan. They’ll roll right over ND.
    You know, I went to FSU so I’m familiar with many of the proud Southern football traditions you mentioned above. PS – I’d love to see these fans doing the tomahawk chop!


  9. The Nose says:

    So Funny!! and so true about the cigarettes and warm bourbon and coke. Can’t wait until you make it back to the North American continent. Go Bama!


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