Space is the last frontier because it`s so boring. Luckily for the Clampitts, one of our favorite Tokyo Bloggers, TokyoBling, Documented the Solar Eclipse so I didn`t have to. Not only did he capture the sun, he also got some great shots of the people either watching or ignoring the happening. Enjoy.

Offspring #2 safely watches the eclipse. Yawn.

Tokyobling's Blog

A perfect solar eclipse does’t come along too many times in the life span of a typical human. You’re lucky to see it once or twice in your life perhaps. Yesterday morning the entire southern Japan had such a chance, but in most cases clouds and even the smoke plume of an active volcano made it hard to see anything. I got up early to find the sky in dense cover of clouds but as the magic moment came closer the clouds gradually disappeared, only to reappear a few minutes before the eclipse, to cover the sun. Still, the strong light of the sun shone straight through the clouds even in the middle of the eclipse and I managed to get these photos of the perfect ring of fire with my 500mm Bigma lens, set at 1/8000, f36 and ISO of 25, in addition to holding up a polarizing filter…

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  1. tokyobling says:

    Oh, it’s a Vixen! Thanks for the kind words and the reblogging, I was kind off hoping you’d write a long post on the subject that I could then nick for my own blog! (^-^;) Good to see the smiles of the offspring…!


  2. Cool, my friend. Wish I could have seen it!


  3. Dana says:

    Loved the photos in that post! Those glasses must be hot commodities– they’re so stylish and (obviously) functional, too. Our view of the eclipse was totally blocked by rain clouds, but I’m happy to see some parts of the world got a good (safe) look.


  4. Some amazing shots of the eclipse. We didn’t get to see it here on the east coast.


  5. I wish I would have been in a place where I could have seen this. Ugggg.


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