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Tattoos – Today`s Taboo Topic

Today`s taboo topic is the tattoo. There are two main reasons I don`t have any. I view the largest organ of the body as a blank canvas, thus my first major hurdle is the limited color palate from which to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Tokyobling's Blog:
A perfect solar eclipse does’t come along too many times in the life span of a typical human. You’re lucky to see it once or twice in your life perhaps. Yesterday morning the entire…

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Andretti-san Plus New Phone Equals Danger in Tokyo

Andretti-san- fastest driver in the East, cultural guide, and Japanese sensei- is also a self-professed otaku– someone obsessed with electronics and gaming to the exclusion of all other interests and activities. He and I have debated the validity of his … Continue reading

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A New “First” to Add to The Unusual List

Five years ago, had my station wagon fallen in to a sink hole on my way to Pilates and that deranged Alice revealed our lives full of “firsts” in Japan, I would have asked for one of whatever she had … Continue reading

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