Miss Hathoway- Please Circulate this Announcement

The Clampitts regret to inform all family and friends about the passing of our beloved family member- the Hurricane, so named for her ability to wreak havoc and infuse destruction in to all situations.

A backyard service was held where various family members, close friends, and colleagues gathered to celebrate her life. Of crime. Following are the highlights:

Grandmama: “Remember the time the Hurricane ate the chicken off the stove then pranced through the living room with a baguette sticking out each side of her mouth? I never did get used to putting dinner in the microwave or the cabinets to keep it from becoming dog food.”

UPS Driver: “It was a nice break in my day to just sit in my truck and honk at the curb when I made deliveries to the Clampitt house. Running packages to and from the door is so much more tiring.”

Pool Man: I`ll never forget having to call Mrs. Clampitt, “Ouisar-san, this is the pool man. I`m in my truck in your driveway and your dog is attacking the tires. Can you please come and get her?”

Yard Man: “Who knew a lawnmower could be used for self-defense?”

Neighbor: “I`ll always be thankful to the Hurricane for smelling the fire about to burn my house down when we were out-of-town. If she hadn`t gone wild barking and running in circles the Clampitts would never have been alerted to the fire in time to call 911.”

Niece: “She was the best at playing hide and seek. She always found us.”

Partner- the Chopper– “Finally I get the back to myself.”

BFF The Swiss Lady: “She never was able to teach me quite how to open the drip pan drawer on the turkey fryer.”

The Nemesis: The mini Schnauzer down the street: “Now I`m the best looking Schnauzer in the neighborhood.”

I`ll certainly miss her talent for appearing regal in a plus-sized sweater:

her constant companionship between the stove and sink while I made a meal:

and the dexterity to use her mustache as opposable thumbs when opening doors and gates:

We miss you.

The Hurricane

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35 Responses to Miss Hathoway- Please Circulate this Announcement

  1. spice says:

    And lest we forget the first night in the grandparents room for Spice. Oh yeah, sure she was kenneled up. We’ll miss you girl.


  2. jacquelincangro says:

    So sorry to hear about her passing. It sounds like she was a spirited companion with a lot of personality. I’m glad that you had many wonderful times with her.


  3. She looks so tranquil in all these pictures that it’s hard to believe she could cause so much trouble.


    • amblerangel says:

      That was her way of fooling you in to thinking she wasn’t paying attention thus allowing her to snap that peanut butter sandwich right off the counter when you turned to put the knife in the dishwasher.


  4. The Hurricane seems to have been a very spirited dog. So sad to hear that she has gone to Doggie Heaven.


  5. So sorry to hear of her passing, she looked like a good dog, in spite of all her naughtiness.


  6. Gosh, Emily, I’m so sorry. Great photos of her in action, though. Sounds like a much larger and darker version of our very blonde and equally naughty Lucy. Now, why did we not think to call her The Hurricane?


  7. Tar-Buns says:

    Sorry for your loss.


  8. Kate Allison says:

    So sorry, Emily. People who have never had pets can’t imagine the hole they leave when you have to say goodbye…cherish those happy memories. x


  9. She sounds…hmmm scary for the tradesmen, but adorable for the family.


  10. Diane Goldstein says:

    One never forgets a greeting made by the Hurricane. Sorry about your loss.
    With love,
    Diane Goldsein


  11. mamanne says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved part of your family.


  12. Cathy Cerqua says:

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Hurricane. I lost my dog this past April at 15+ yrs. and I know that void that it creates. Both of them are waiting for us over the rainbow bridge.


  13. CSI Susie says:

    Oh sweet Hurricane, I am sure you have found a chubby angel comrade in Heaven to drag along for some Boot Camp the way you did for me. I think my right arm is still longer than my left from leading you. I also won’t forget the way you played chase with me and the Offspring, and how you always had that grin that turned up the corners of your mighty mustache- a grin that told me it was you who chose when the game would end (so just keep running). Surely there are smiles in heaven with you there.


    • amblerangel says:

      Thanks for the laugh CSI Susie. I will never forget those days hauling a$%&’$ around the college in the freezing cold. How`s your 3 legged cat doing?


      • CSI Susie says:

        Scotty the 3 legger (or, as we affectionately call her Milking Stool, Tripod, etc) is doing so well. Honestly if that cat isn’t the perfect example of how to just dust yourself off and get on about your business- she goes up and down the spiral stairs, jumps up to own the sofa, and is absolutely wonderful.


  14. Lisa Wields Words says:

    I just realized I never commented on this post even though I meant to. I’m sorry for your loss. Hurricane looked like a fabulous dog.


  15. Dana says:

    I’m *so* sorry to hear about Hurricane. (And sorry to be so late commenting!) It sounds like you have many memories to cherish… and laugh about. Pets really are members of the family, and it’s never easy to say goodbye.


  16. Tori Nelson says:

    Oh this makes me sad. Sorry, lady.


  17. Olga SE says:

    Emily, I’m so sorry. It’s like losing a true friend. Read this post long ago, but got lost in thoughts and didn’t leave a comment. I know how it feels because we used to have a Doberman who lived with us for eight years. I also have a picture of my dog wearing a cardigan! They know exactly how to please us people.


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