For ME? You Shouldn’t Have…

I got an Award? WOW. Two thoughts crossed my mind upon reading the news. The first was relief that it was the “Memetastic” award, not the “Metastatic” award I first read it to be, and second it surpassed the last award I received in college, “Ugliest Pledge Without Make Up.” Which I still claim “unfair” since without the benefit of my morning hair products I fare worse in comparison to others -something akin to a hairy fictional creature in a Harry Potter movie. No make up and bad morning hair was a shoe in for that award. But I now digress away from the wonder and excitement that is the moment of this award. I knew a hand full of people beyond my family, friends and some Spouse had forced at work to read in order for me to feel gratified with my blogging efforts might be reading. I didn’t know some might be enjoying it. I’m thrilled and honored.

Given the graphic seen below, one would assume it was a joke, however, I actually have seen it before on reputable sites. Sites to which I subscribe and have become a daily part of my ritual. Every day I drop kick both Offspring out the door yelling, screaming and begging not to leave the warm nest so I can greet my day drinking coffee, reading my blogs, commenting to my blogging buddies, scanning the paper, and Skyping the insurance companies which continue to plague me with their ineptitude. Many of these blogs were found through nominations by this award. I present to you- or rather- Lisa at Woman Wielding Words gave me:

TA DA!!!!!!

I made it large-sized so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do. And actually see it.

Jillsmo created this award for bloggers to share and be recognized. She’s a Blog Spot blogger but I’m one to take share with others no matter the source. Maybe she’ll migrate over. Rules come along with the prize. The “BUT” in the sentence. The rain on the sunny day.

Follow closely.

1) If one receives the award, the recipient must proudly display the Memetastic award above. Yes I know how to pronounce it- meme as in “mean”- no I don’t know what it means. The recipient must bounce the award hot potato style to 5 bloggers within 24 hours of receipt. No basking in glory or gloating allowed. This is the internet after all.

2) One must go back to the Jillsmo/Memetastic site and post your blog at the bottom. Jillsmo is the ultimate source for your temporary insanity.

3) Provide the 5 sites for next crazed winners.

4) Put up 1 truth and 4 lies about oneself. For me that should be easy. I was single until age 30, I lied a lot. Telling the truth- that’ll be hard. Good thing I only need one of those.

Ok- Let’s go.

Truth or Fiction?

1) I hide my face behind a book in the Gravatar because I’m embarrassed by my Sharon Stone crazy eyes.

2) I hide my face behind a book in the Gravatar because I’m really the Nose and it’s not due to my ability to sniff out locations- it’s because my olfactory organ is so huge it sniffs out every scent within a 100 mile radius. Bothersome. Cumbersome.

3) I hide my face in case the ExPats reading this blog get mad when I said they are led by a nose ring. Since all our kids go to the same school, they won’t be able to recognize me. at the Offspring’s school.

4) If I hide behind a book Spouse won’t know it’s me writing those things about him in the blog.

5) I was the Social Chairman of my sorority the entire 4 years of college.

My Nominations

1) Tokyo Jinja- I love this site by my friend Tokyo Jinja. She has immaculate taste in all things Japan. Her site highlights Japan decor, design and art. She’ll show you pictures on how to incorporate tasteful Japanese items in to your kitchen, identify traditional crafts being made modern and where to buy them, and help you learn the antiquing tips in Miami. Great site.

2) Tokyoblingsblog– I call him my personal tour guide in Tokyo. He blogs every day with a  stunning picture post. I’ve learned more about Tokyo, Japan, and what goes on in the minds of the Japanese from this uber talented photographer. Please look!

3) 2Summers-I’ve so enjoyed getting to know South Africa through the voice and lens of 2Summers. She goes where no other mere mortal dare go.

4)The Amerarab Wife– I’ll admit- she’s been absent a while with a new move and baby on the way- but- I’m hoping a nod her way might get her re-enthused. Her blogging from somewhere in the Middle East is very entertaining and her recipes are fail proof.

5) The Act of Traveling If your afraid to test your travel wings, Emiel will comfort your soul. He’s been all over the world with kids in tow. Fantastic pictures from places unknown complete with entertaining commentary. Now here’s a first- a travel blog that won’t bore you tears with unnecessary minutiae yet provides enough detail to allow one to build an itinerary.

ENJOY! And peace.

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21 Responses to For ME? You Shouldn’t Have…

  1. Emiel says:

    For *ME*?? You shouldn’t have….
    It’s like a chain letter, linking awesome blogs to awesome blogs to awesome blogs…actually the idea isn’t that bad at all..
    Seriously, I really appreciate your kind words about my blog (can I use some for my blog’s elevator pitch I’m currently writing :). You know what, I will just use it, kind of return favor for accepting the nomination!!
    Now I’m off going to write an awesome acceptance speech…..dear academy members, I would like to first thank my parents, my family without whose support…well, you get my drift..:)


  2. Michi says:

    Woo, congrats!! 😉 And thanks for the other blog recommendations!


  3. 2summers says:

    Thanks so much for this great honor. And a funny post to boot! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

    Okay, I have a confession: I’ve now received two Memetastic Awards and have thus far failed to award my own. But I’m gonna do it, I swear! Stay tuned.


    • amblerangel says:

      Well you see, this is actually the dreaded boomarang chain award, if you don’t respond it comes back! I assumed you’d gotten it due to the overpowering awesomeness of your site, checked it, didn’t see it, and high fives myself on the back side that I would have the pleasure of awarding. Oh well. You deserve many!


  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Congrats on the award! Well done! 🙂


  5. jillsmo says:

    It is not necessary to credit me with this, although it’s been my experience that people are desperate to blame somebody else for it so having somebody to credit is helpful. It’s interesting that the farther away this things gets from the original source the more the rules get changed; kind of like a game of telephone.

    Are WordPress and Blogspot bloggers having a feud of some sort? Like gangster style? Am I supposed to hate you guys? I didn’t realize that.


  6. Very funny! Thank you for making the graphic so large – I actually thought it was a teddy bear, not a kitten.

    I’ve also been awarded this honour, but have yet to fulfill my obligations. Not sure I can be as creative as the other people whose Memetastic posts I’ve read.


  7. fawnbluffstuff says:

    Social Chairman:)
    The Tourist


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  9. tokyobling says:

    Oh what wonderful things you write about my lowly photo blog! I will have to work even harder now knowing that your readers will be expecting wonders… (^-^;) Sometime I’d like to meet you in person and show you the visitor statistics to my blog, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised and a little proud!

    Let me also add that I often consider your blog the blog I would be/should be writing if I were in fact a writer. As it is, I am forced to limit my blogging to whatever comes from pointing my camera at something interesting and click the big button on top.

    Keep it up!


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