Nagano- Home to the ’98 Winter Olympics

And site of the latest injury. Just another winter for the Clampitts and our quest to  establish long-term relationships with every Emergency Clinic within a 50 mile radius no matter where the global coordinates. In this case, Nagano, Japan. Home to the 1998 Winter Olympics. Specifically, an area called Hakuba. Obviously a skier/snowboarding Heaven. It took Offspring #1 two hours from arrival to make his presence known to the emergency physician on call. His objective of landing a 360 spin from a jump accomplished – except the finale occurred on the right shoulder instead of the board.

When he found Offspring #2 and me, one shoulder was hanging 6 inches below the other. Off Igor went to the clinic.

Parents, Doctors, aspiring entrepeneurs if anyone reading this has medical training, an interest in relocating, or a need to establish a significant nest egg, open an orthopedic clinic at the base of a mountain. As we waited our turn, the revolving door of injuries never ceased. In order to accommodate the parade of injured, benches were set up in the waiting area versus chairs. Triage appeared to be based on wailing pitch of patient vs. severity of injury so Offspring #1 was instructed to kick it up a few notches in order get the x-ray and move along. Unfortunately for him, his injury was significant enough to keep him from snowboarding and off the upcoming class ski trip, but not enough to force us back to Tokyo.

Offspring #1’s antics earned him a one way pass to spa treatments with Spouse. Offspring #2  and I ditched him as soon as we could strap on our boots. We headed back to the mountain with a wave, a pitying smile, and a fake “So Sorry.” I may have had other children but they ate each other in the womb.

Who could blame us with views like this:

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10 Responses to Nagano- Home to the ’98 Winter Olympics

  1. ann Beaulieu says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of OS #1 shoulder injury. I do hope it will heal quickly and thoroughly (thinking of baseball!) and that there isn’t too much pain. Emily, your pictures in this blog were breathtaking! Thanks for letting us know about Brooks and for sharing the beauty of the location!
    Aunt Ann


  2. Sorry about Offspring #1’s injury . . . but it did make for a very funny story!


  3. Michi says:

    The baby picture was the icing on the cake! We’re going to try out snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Granada (hopefully) this weekend. You’ve gotten me all revved up and ready to go!


    • amblerangel says:

      Take your camera so we can all enjoy!!!!! Have a great time- we’e planning our next stop.. Am looking at Zao- they have frozen trees that look like snow monsters. That I gotta see….


  4. Emily says:

    I’ve likes this post, not to due to the injury of Offspring #1, but due to your awesome photos.


  5. Love the first 2 sentences of this post! Too funny! I’m sorry for Offspring #1, but this post is hysterical!


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