The “M” Series Cont’d: Can a Mouse Save a Moody Middle Schooler? (via Hey from Japan- Notes on Moving)

My current creation is taking more time than anticipated. In the meantime, I thought I’d repost one of the family favorites some of you may have missed….

The "M" Series Cont'd: Can a Mouse Save a Moody Middle Schooler? The “M” Series: Culture shock Phase 3 has set in for Offspring #1. Any one who lives with or ever was a hormone infused teenager knows that drastic hormonal swings crossed with culture shock leads to a chemical and potentially combustible reaction with seismic proportions requiring an immediate and Herculean intervention. During this phase of culture shock, Offspring #1 is craving all things American. Food, words, friends, sports and anything els … Read More

via Hey from Japan- Notes on Moving

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