Watch out Silly Wabbit…Fuw’s the Fashion in Tokyo

I admit to complete ignorance of the East prior to my arrival including the influence of Japanese fashion on the rest of the world. Tokyo ranks 5th with New York, Milan, Paris, and London. More specifically due to an area called Harajuku which is situated just blocks from the Clampett family apartment providing one Ouiser with hours of entertainment. Of course at the expense of others. The Harajuku girls are world-famous in haute couture circles and Sundays are filled with photographers snapping what will be the latest trends.

The temperature dipped below 60 degrees and the fashionistas in Harajuku simultaneously coordinated this season’s trendy look- fur – everywhere on everything. Here’s how the market research works for the big players.  All major labels- Gucci, Missoni, Chanel, Dior, etc- have flagship stores along the main street- Omotesando- but stretching the length behind snakes another street- choked by crowded shops where preeminent fashion houses “plant” samples without identifying branding in order to test sales appeal. While Japanese matrons and well advised tourists shop along Omotesando, the hip Japanese shop trendy Takeshita buying up hidden predictors of the “newest trend.”

Brace yourself.

Fur leggings- not since the advent of UGG has anything made the leg look shorter and fatter. The Japanese solve for this by limiting the use of fur leggings to heels over 3 inches.  It just looks like a wax gone bad,”Oops- family emergency- got to go- can we finish the rest of your leg later?”

Men also wear fur- usually on the cuffs. Another interesting fashion accessory for the men is the purse. A full on hand bag. Not just for Europeans anymore.

Let’s see, where else might one put fur? Obviously- A tail…

An example of how one would wear a tail- as a tail.

Another interesting combination. Shorts, hose and boots. A crowd favorite. In fact, if one is under 30, it is de rigeur. Somehow, there are people out there who manage to pull together this hideous fashion crime against humanity. Didn’t the Munchkins in the Wizzard of Oz wear a similar outfit?

No other country can accessorize like the Japanese. I spit in the faces of the French with pitiful attempts at embellishing an outfit with a lonely scarf. True genius is exemplified in rabbit pelt stoles, lenseless glasses, and always a trinket, bobble or hat upon the head thus elevating one’s stature and elongating the body. GENIUS I say. The Japanese pull it off, I approximate a deranged gypsy.


The fur is really flying now- suitcases also get covered. I experienced love at first sight when the pink purse pawed at the window but the grooming costs every 6 weeks really stopped me dead in my tracks.

Fear not-every infinitesimal piece of rabbit is used- some bit of rabbit is better than nothing.

The rabbit is most revered in Japan- perhaps that’s the root of the covetous need for close rabbit contact. Always present in Japanese folklore and history. ” If you chase two hares in the field you will catch neither” the saying goes.

If you ask me, this rabbit looks scared- very scared. He’s the only one I’ve seen not on someone’s body. It’s just a matter of time before he’s draped full body around someone’s neck, maybe instead of a button to secure him around the neck, his mouth could just clamp down on his cotton ball tail. I’d add ear rings to his cute floppy ears for an added splash of color this holiday season.



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5 Responses to Watch out Silly Wabbit…Fuw’s the Fashion in Tokyo

  1. Lisa E. says:

    Awesome! Last year when I was in Tokyo all of the women were wearing furry scarves or fur collars. I searched and searched for one to buy and then I was so sad to find out they were all real fur. Finally at the end of my trip I found a faux fur collar at Uniqlo for Y1000. The shorts and boots really baffle me, though.


  2. Nice blog! I like your blog because I’m really interested in Japan especially their culture. Keep up the sharing! 🙂


  3. Elesabeth says:

    Yes, I’m sorry they were real fur, too. When I was much younger I bought a wool coat with a fur collar because I liked the coat–but I took the collar off. I didn’t want to wear a dead animal around my neck!
    Your blog is fascinating, Amber. We have some young Japanese people at our workplace, and like the ones you write about, they are very fashion-conscious. But unlike your tour guide, they do handle cash freely.


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