I Need a Lift

A Facelift. The Japanese are a non-aging race. Diligent about protecting skin, combined with good genes, healthy diet, exercise and some non-surgical interventions recently discovered at my favorite Japanese super sized version of Target – “Tokyo Hands” I am convinced that my visit with the surgeon has been postponed.

Running every day combined with some lip fitness should keep my pout plumped and my pot belly at bay.

This is for developing the jaw muscles. I didn’t really notice those before. Be careful not to overdue pit bull jowls are only attractive on, well, pit bulls. As is usual for all Japanese items, it is decorated.

My ears have been bothering me lately- sagging down towards the shoulders. This should fix them right up and provide some sans needle acupuncture at the same time.

My nose needs lots of work, luckily I found two products that can handle my beak. One that lifts- not sure that making it more prominent is preferable to the current hooked appearance. The other narrows. My altered nose will resemble a narrow pig snout.

Apparently, pulling it all forward is the ticket to a youthful appearance.

After all this work, I really need some tools to help me relax my muscles:

Being an addictive personality, I’ll overdue with creams.

Now for the final touch- the actual face lift:

And- the new me!

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6 Responses to I Need a Lift

  1. lillizen says:

    Great!!! Only in Japan… xD


  2. Jules says:

    very interesting and hilarious! 🙂


  3. tokyo5 says:

    >“Tokyo Hands”

    It’s actually “Tokyu Hands”. Owned by the Tokyu Company.

    That store has many items but it’s kinda overpriced. Almost everything in it can be found in other stores around Tokyo at better prices.

    How long have you been in Tokyo, by the way?
    And what part of America are you from?
    Just wondering.

    “Tokyo Five”
    ( http://tokyo5.wordpress.com )


    • amblerangel says:

      I did not know it was Tokyu Hands! Wow! We’ve been here about 4 months and are loving every minute – we’ve lived all over the US- I’m originally from Alabama- Spouse fro Washington state.


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