Culture Day in Pictures and Video

Meiji Shrine all Dressed Up for Culture Day

Offerings of fruit and wheat for the gods. Would of made a really good salad.













Gifts of natural items to the deities:

Now- Bring on the Dancing Girls. The background singer is my favorite- especially in the second video. Warning- the first one is 5 minutes long. They bring out the fans about 3 minutes in to the video. I held the video camera still for a full 5 minutes with arms uplifted. Brute strength and two years as the official football videographer for Offspring #1 will get you that.

I asked my Japanese teacher for the name of this particular type of ribbon dance. Her comment was, “These are not professional dancers. They look like country people.” I responded with, “Well, it is Culture Day. Maybe these are women from another prefecture or cleaning women from the shrine.” Afraid I would publish a video of amateurs for my hordes of readers, she whipped out a picture of professional Geisha performing with fans in a feeble attempt to distract me from my intention of discovering the name of the dance. Little did she know I’m happy to publish without the name of the dance. Following are women dancing with ribbons.

It wouldn’t be a festival without a jam band.

Unfortunately for these two sisters, I caught them smelling the inside of one sister’s crocs which was a) hilarious and b) so typical of what kids do when bored during a 10 minute guitar solo. I turned to take a picture of this photo op when Father got curious as to why I might want a picture of HIS offspring. Not happy as to the source of my amusement, he stopped the game of “These crocs STINK!” but watching them laugh off the chastising was almost as funny:

I call this “Kids in Kimonos”

Performers from different parts of Japan:

There’s always unofficial entertainment outside the park…I couldn’t figure out where the single, one note, annoying horn blast was originating. Then I found it. The sax player hit one note as loud as possible over and over while the “bride” did interpretive dance for the crowd. I did not contribute monetarily to their continued employment as street performers for that would be positive reinforcement for a reprise.

My Uncle Joe has “Tips from the Top”- if he were here, he’d add to his repertoire, “If you are ever in Japan during a holiday, go to a shrine.”







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  1. Cynthia Piro says:

    I am not a blog reader, but I am really enjoying your notes and photos Japan! They are so witty and interesting! Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙂


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