A Truly Scary Halloween in Tokyo

IS Halloween celebrated in Japan? Luckily for us it is since Offspring #2 threatened to abandon ship and head for the US if it wasn’t. Even though this Hallows Eve is currently under siege by yet another typhoon, there are still plenty of dripping ghouls prowling about the rainy night.

Sunday is the traditional night for the haunts to make their way around begging door         to door for UNICEF coins (apparently that practice is also worldwide) and filling          pillow cases with Halloween treats- some with “Boo” power of their own.

This Rice cracker wrapped in seawood then filled with onion cream might get a “Boo” from your trick or treating friends.

Here’s some cocktail sand for the little ghosts and goblins.

A little something I hope my kids get a few of- some eyeballs- mixed in with the cocktail nuts. Real ones. And maybe some crawfish… Now that’s what I call Scary.

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