Park Rules

I find Japanese signs thoroughly entertaining. Not only are the signs understandable for those unable to read, the cartoon form makes for interesting interpretations. Please look at the following “Park Rules” example:

Going clockwise:

1) Please lions, no movie directing or horn blowing in the park.

2) No frisbee throwing. Apparently balls of various sorts are ok. Since most people can’t aim a frisbee, I endorse this rule. My head is a frisbee magnet.

3) Pogo sticks were outlawed but are now ok probably due to its lack of popularity. When Offspring #1 wanted a pogo stick for Christmas I had to special order it from a pogo stick web site. The site actually made it look fun- one ordered the pogo stick based on the height one wanted to jump. I felt 8-10 feet was high enough.

4) When the sun is sleepy- park closes. Also clever- could be AM or PM.

5) No drumming in the park, it kills the birds.

6) And finally, one we can all agree on, kids- no crying in the park. Not only does it make your mother cranky, it scares all the sleeping ghosts in the  park.

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2 Responses to Park Rules

  1. Alison says:

    You are lucky — they allow lions to direct movies in the park by my house, and it’s never pretty. 😉

    Please do more of these sign interpretations! This is hysterical!


    • amblerangel says:

      I’ll start to do advertisements also. There was the funniest Dr. Scholl’s one of a woman with her nose stuck in a man’s shoe. They took it down before I got my camera battery ordered….


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