I’m Living a Bill Murray Movie- and It’s Not Funny

I agreed to move to Tokyo. One move. Somehow, my life became a cross between “Lost in Translation” and “Ground Hog Day.” I wake up every day, it’s moving day, and nobody speaks English…..

Move #1– My GO-TO reliable handy man and his sons: Pennsylvania Furniture moved in to storage

Move #2– United Van Lines: Lighter furniture,linens, clothes packed and picked up for air shipment to Japan- 4 weeks for delivery

Move #3– A different group from United Van Lines: Furniture not in storage picked up for sea transport to Japan- 8-12 weeks for delivery

Move #4– Me, Spouse, and a push cart from the hotel: Family moves in to temporary apartment for 30 days because apartment not ready

Move #5– Me, My pushcart, a driver, Tiger Express, and Furniture Leasing Company: Move from temporary apartment to permanent apartment

Move #6 Me, Tiger Express, the Furniture Leasing Company: All of the emergency furniture moved out, sea shipment and some of the rental furniture moved in.

REALLY!!!! It’s not all ready?????? After 2 months? Has Bill Murray ever played a truly evil character? A real head spinner?

Move #7 Me, Tiger Express, the Furniture Leasing Company:  I”ll be fair and call this a half move- the rest of the rental furniture moved in and the remaining emergency furniture moved out.

Please don’t let “Scrooged” be next.


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