The Hurricane- A Pet Update

Probably the worst aspect of moving to a new country is the decision regarding the pets. In the case of our dogs, moving involved a 12 months non-refundable deposit for both pets. $384,000. A 4 year degree at most universities. As many of you have read, poor Truffles didn’t even get an opportunity.

I’ve had many questions regarding the well-being of our pets who have been temporarily placed with willing and/or bribed family members. How about the Hurricane?

The Hurricane

The Hurricane has continued to establish her reputation beyond the border of her old home. Thus far she has forced the UPS driver to abandon his practice of delivering packages to the door. He now honks outside the house or delivers to Mr. Dr’s office. What once was a picturesque gazebo and neighborhood favorite for Christmas pictures is now covered in cobwebs and the sounds of a whistling wind since the Hurricane’s move into the neighborhood has scared all the childrens’ smiles off their faces mid click. Cheerful laughter replaced with howls of fright and terrified crying from children and adults. The Hurricane is ever watchful and always waiting by the front door for the yard man to attempt some sort of crime.

In the meantime, the Nose’s children give her cheese and she sits, stays, lies down or plays hide and seek. The Nose takes her running and she protects, scouts and plays.

The Nose gives her a rawhide. She chews for a while and then buries the remainder in the couch. The Nose and Aunt Bea are watching. Aunt Bea walks over to the couch to see if the rawhide is really buried under the couch pillows. The Hurricane is watching as Aunt Bea zeroes in on her prize. Aunt Bea leaves the couch area and returns to the kitchen. The Hurricane quickly runs to the couch, removes the rawhide and buries it under the cushion of a living room chair. Aunt Bea whispers to the Nose, “She moved it.”

I hope the Hurricane didn’t hear.

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2 Responses to The Hurricane- A Pet Update

  1. Must have been really hard leaving your pets behind. Looks like The Hurricane is making herself at home in her new family!

    Why such a high fee to move the animals? Who would you have been paying?


    • amblerangel says:

      We had to have a dog moving service move one of the dogs. The other one my sister picked up. It truly has been heartbreaking for us. When we go home this summer we are of course going to see the dogs.


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