I’m Sorry Spouse- I’ve Found a New Love-

The Ramen Noodle. Yes- the infamous squiggley noodle from a bag. 4 for a $1.00. This is what the real thing looks like:

There are many variations- soy, pork, miso based- all good. Offspring #1 likes the “screamin’ ramen” I like the “ragin’ ramen” and offspring #2 likes the soy based although a claim has been made that choking ensues due to new braces. I never choked on spaghetti when I had braces- nor have I heard any outcries regarding this topic from angry Japanese and Italians.

The proper way to ingest is to hold the noodles in the air as shown above and slurp in to the mouth.This leads to sucking and slurping sounds because the noodles are being sucked in to the mouth as the broth is simultaneously being slurped off the noodle. Offspring #1, whose manners are similar to a caveman, was progressing toward Viking upon arrival in Japan. He is now back to neanderthal by fully embracing the slurping concept and applying to Western situations. In fact, OS #1’s soup broth sometimes gets slopped on to his neighbor which now necessitates him having to sit in between other family members to prevent insult to other patrons. Additionally, OF#1 has to be checked prior to leaving for particles which may have been slurped in to hair or eyebrows. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree however since I usually have remnants on my shirt and lap.

This reminds of the famous writer and great poet Dr. Seuss:

I will eat them on a train, I will eat them in the rain,

I will eat them in a car, I will eat them with the czar…

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4 Responses to I’m Sorry Spouse- I’ve Found a New Love-

  1. Ann says:

    Wait till we join you..I will need to bring change of clothes!


  2. The food looks so delicious. ^_^ It’s made me hungry for noodles.


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