Grocery Store

Ah, fresh seafood on the menu tonight. So many choices, some I’ve not seen even on the coastal town where I spent my summers. The first one I’ve never seen anywhere- ever- abalone. Alive. Crawling around. Interesting. I didn’t know humans ate abalone. I’ve only seen sea otters at the San Francisco aquarium enjoy them.




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5 Responses to Grocery Store

  1. Ann says:

    You are really making me want to come to Japan! NOT!


  2. Nina says:

    So what did you buy? And more importantly, what did you do with it once you bought it? Is there a McD’s nearby for back-up?


  3. We actually have a problem along the South African coast with the poaching of sea food, especially abalone. Most of which is destined for the markets in the Far East. The poaching syndicates are often run by Chinese people.


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