Next Time We go to War, Let’s Consult the Japanese

Think about this. The Japanese have put the American car manufacturers out of business- rightfully so. Have any of you driven a Japanese car lately? One month before we moved, we bought a Sequoia. We dutifully compared it to the Suburban. For about $8,000 less, we got all the upgrades on the Suburban standard on the Sequoia and it held its value when we sold it a month later.

Now, something more compelling and to the point. Next time we go to war, let’s consult the Japanese. Not only do they make a good car, they make everything better. I was advised to leave all appliances at home – the voltage wouldn’t match up, they wouldn’t work correctly. Well- they work fine because most places where ex pats live have the right voltage. What the books should have said was “Leave your appliances at home because they’re CRAP compared to the Japanese versions.” The stove top boils water in under 20 seconds, the iron is cordless but somehow stays hot and doesn’t require starch for 100% cotton shirts, the dryer is smaller but is a bottomless pit and dries clothes in 30 minutes, and let’s now review the toilet.

I thought the bidet was advanced. This one guides you in at night with a blue light. The lid automatically opens when you walk in the door as if in a warm greeting. The seat is heated. There are two spray options- soft and regular. There is a pressure choice. Of course you can choose high or low for flushing depending on the load. You can dry your bottom. The massaging function I’m afraid to test. The deodorizer sprays a nice scent. I’ve seen some toilets that play music and have button options for flushing noises to cover those embarrassing “sounds”.

If these things can be done to the toilet, imagine how this ingenuity can be put to good use in improving our airplanes? Maybe they’d be cheaper.

As a sidenote, the Japanese are pragmatic. The majority of the country have squat toilets- also pictured. For that reason, lots of advertising is done on Kleenex packages. At the entrance to the large subway stations, people give out Kleenex packages with ads to entice customers into the shops. Always get those when in Tokyo- you’ll need it at the squat toilet.

I still haven’t figured out which way to squat.

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3 Responses to Next Time We go to War, Let’s Consult the Japanese

  1. Dannette says:

    What grosses me out more is your purse sitting on the floor next to the squat toilet.


    • amblerangel says:

      You’re very observant – there was no hook for my purse and at the time I was more concerned that my shoes did not show in the picture. Point taken. I’ll be careful not to eat off the bottom of my purse!!


  2. Ann says:

    Yes…now that makes me want to come to Japan!


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