Japanese Van

The Japanese van. Child seat in the back. Child seat in the front. Trunk in the front for groceries. Child number 3 carried in snugglie on Mom. For the super luxe loaded additions, options include: umbrellas attached to handle bar, UV protection gloves attached to handles for protection from sun,rain, and cold and windshield so Fuji Jr doesn’t ingest bugs during the journey. Mom sometimes wears a sunglass windshield  visor that covers her face. Most come standard with Horn- I mean bell for warning pedestrians that supermom is coming through and if she falls all HELL will break loose. There are no seat belts.

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2 Responses to Japanese Van

  1. meetzorp says:

    The infamous mama-chari!

    I bet Japanese ladies are glad as all heck when their kids get old enough to ride their own bicycles.


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