Baseball is BIG

Baseball games are a cross between a pep rally, a karaoke session, and a baseball game. When a run is scored, the fans produce umbrellas so the pitcher can “expect a shower”-as in hit the shower. The beer and hard liquor flow freely. Noise sticks are a constant. The players are pictured with real heads and cartoon bodies. (Everything in Japan is a cartoon.) I also like how the beer girls fold over their caps in order to style their hair. As is usual in Japan, the girls are styled and coifed. There are 4 professional baseball teams in Tokyo so it’s big business. I ordered a lemonade that was made from seltzer and frozen pellets of some kind- it looked really good. I offered Offspring #1 a taste- a Japanese woman in front of me stopped me – my lemonade was alcoholic. All those years of smoking ruined my tastebuds or it was a really weak drink. Offspring #1 was very disappointed.

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  1. lljf says:

    The Japanese are fascinating people; The country it’s self has always interested me and I look forward to reading the rest of this blog.


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