Guess What This Is

Can you guess what this is? Ear cleaner. The scoop is the business end. The cotton ball is for decoration. These are ubiquitous in Japan- each region puts a unique decoration on the end which represents some characteristic of that region. The Japanese decorate everything. I’m afraid to use one. I lost so many brain cells in the 80’s it might go out the other ear.

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5 Responses to Guess What This Is

  1. I want one! I don’t quite know why … but I want one! I need never buy cotton buds ever again.


  2. Mia Parker says:

    Emily….you OBVIOUSLY still have many, many brain cells left, as you are excellent at composing great stories which are always witty, interesting, and informative…..I have enjoyed your blogs so much that I’m now going back through them to re-read some of the ones I missed…..I do remember THIS particular blog…..And BTW, your blogs have gotten even BETTER as time has progressed; you must be happy & quite settled in now, know your way around town a little better, & feel much more at ease with living in a completely different culture?…….but we DID have some fun and wild adventures back here stateside in the good ol’ USA in the 80s, didn’t we…LOL ;o)


  3. lljf says:

    That is so funky, so literally every thing gets decorated and even little ear cleaners?
    I am enjoying your blog a lot and i’m still only at the beginning.


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